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Welcome Albert Martinez, P.E. to our engineering team!

Mint Engineering welcomes Albert Martinez P.E. Mechanical Engineer

We are excited to welcome Albert Martinez, P.E. as a Project Engineer. He has over a decade of combined experience in engineering design, manufacturing, and forensics. Albert’s interest in engineering began in high school being part of a magnet school for engineering professions, STEMS (South Texas Engineering Math and Science). He completed his Mechanical Engineering degree at The University of Texas at Austin. Albert focuses on keeping our clients happy and making an enjoyable environment for our team. In his free time, Albert enjoys reading, walking outdoors, watching sports, and spending quality with the family.

Here are a few fun facts about Albert:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done? Rode on the top of the hood of a car going 50 mph

What’s your favorite type of music? Rock and Latin

Who, or what, are you a “closet” fan of? Stallone


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